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Vika’s Celebrity Hydroderm Facial

This customizable medical grade facial will leave you with a red-carpet ready glow. During this treatment you will relax, slowly drift off into a moment of peace, draped in luxurious warm linens. In the Zen spa setting, be prepared to be pampered by Aesthologie’s dual licensed RN/Esthetician, Vika. Includes Aromatherapy, a lux hydrating paraffin hand treatment, medical grade skin assessment, and relaxing acupressure massage of the face, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.

 A Celebrity Hydroderm is the World’s Best Facial that gently combats various skin conditions by incorporating multiple medical grade modalities mechanically and chemically to exfoliate the skin. Pure Oxygen is used to deeply penetrate and push medical grade serums into the skin. Expected Results include visible smoother and firmer skin at the end of treatment. No recovery or downtime necessary.

 Patient feedback – “After this facial I Felt like I got off of taking a nap on a cloud and woke up with baby fresh glowing skin."


Vika's Celebrity Hydroderm Facial

  • (60mins) $150 each session 
  • x4 sessions $580
  • BACK FACIAL (60mins) $300 each session
  • LARGE AREA (90mins) $400 each session 
  • Hydrate - Glow - Optimizing - Cleansing

Photofacial with Celluma

  • (90mins) $250 each session
  • x4 sessions $900

Biophotas Celluma device is intended to deliver heat to the tissue in order to provide relief of minor aches and pains, promote local blood circulation , promote relaxation of tissue, reduce inflammatory acne vulgaris and used for treatment of full face wrinkles.


  • $395 each session 
  • x4 sessions $1500
  • Add-on $205 PRP 

Microneedling is an epidermal micro-exfoliant device that triggers the body in promoting wound healing, and stimulates collagen by penetrating the skin. The Microneedling device administers tiny needle pricks, opening channels that allow medical grades (and/or PRP) to penetrate the skin’s surface. Because of this, a topical numbing agent is applied for ease and comfort during your session.


Minimally-invasive procedure, requiring little to no downtime.

Improves tone and skin’s appearance.

Generates collagen for firmer and smoother skin. 

Minimizes large pores, various scars, wrinkles, and old acne scars.


DermaPlane & Peel w/ Signature Lift (Oremedic Lift)

  • $180 each session 
  • x4 sessions $685

Recommended for redness prone, dry/dehydrated and environmentally stressed skin.

Dermaplane - medical grade physical exfoliation by utilizing a medical grade scalpel to painlessly exfoliate of the top layer of the face’s dead skin cells and vellus hair. This will allow for at home skin care product absorption and efficacy, along with helping make to look flawless after application.

Chemical Peel - The combination of Vitamin C, enzymes and hyaluronic acid applied during the peel help brighten, hydrate, and soothe skin completion. Physical exfoliation by medical grade scalpel  

Microdermabrasion with Peel

  • (60mins) $175 each session 
  • x4 sessions $680



Advanced medical vitamin boost to any customized facial for $25

*Services performed by our dual-licensed Registered Nurse & Licensed Esthetician 

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